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Dear Derek Thomas and Tiffany......   
02:59pm 18/12/2005
mood: frustrated
Next time you guys plan on having sex. Try and do it at one of each other's houses. Also try and clean up your messes(condom wrappers) so that a certain someone's(me) parents don't find them and get mad. Ruining the one place where everyone of our friends who comes to visit can sleep.



P.S. try and not to take advantage of anyone else's families kindness and hospitality either god damnit.
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01:49pm 08/12/2005
Its snowed last night, and it rules. Mainly because I get to sit around in mu bill cosbyeque sweaters and only had to go to school from 10-3

Life has been good latley. and thats all I have to say.

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09:51am 03/11/2005
mood: sad
I'm single again....yay :-(
11:58pm 02/08/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...this is why i can't get girls
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05:44pm 29/07/2005
mood: sick
i'm sick...it sucks real bad.

I need to go fix my schedule, i really don't want to be in Home ec. cuz i ain't not queer!

I'm really sleepy on account of me being sick last night
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x-ray specks cause x-ray vision   
12:52pm 18/07/2005
mood: awake
Not much has been happening in my life lately, so i really haven't been wanting to update. If anyone even payed attention to my last post about Panda Attack!, you shouldn't have...it was a total bust, it will probably never exhist, but if it does i will update on that. This Friday i am going to go see Fishboy and Astronautalis, anyone who doesn't know who they are needs to find them and listen, they are amazing. Just to give you a little insight into Astronautalis, he's a drug addict white rapper who is anything BUT gangster, and can free style like a mad man.

Uhhh, i bought Hot Hot Heat's split with The Red Light Sting, I think everyone should go check that out, it's nothing like recent Hot Hot Heat, it's amazing, they don't have a guitarist at this point so it's really different.

I guess that's it for now.


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panda attack!   
12:15pm 30/06/2005
  come out to the pit in dension(off the corner of woodard and mirick if you didn't know) for panda attack! it'll be great if you do!

...they play first though and their set is about 10 minutes long, so come early if you are curious about this.


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02:52pm 16/06/2005
  my brother was arrested....again  
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04:39am 07/06/2005
mood: cheerful
Lords of Dogtown is a great movie.

having someone special is great too.
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07:40am 05/05/2005
mood: tired
So flatline doesn't have a show this weekend...so someone should call me if they want to hang out this weekend...cuz I got nothing planned.
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11:03am 27/04/2005
mood: gosta wee-wee
i have to pee....

and who else is going to Dillinger and thenumber12? cuz i dunno if i have a ride for sure.
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Bored in webmastering   
11:16am 18/04/2005

Band Vs Band

Created by underoath1 and taken 59 times on bzoink!

Circle Takes The Square on Converge?Both
Norma Jean or As I Lay Dying?Both
Darkest Hour or Black Paper Diary?Darkest Hour
UnderOATH or Daughters?Daughters..unless it's old UO
Atreyu or Every Time I Die?Everytime I Die
Remembering Never or Bleeding Through?Remembering Never
Dead Poetic or A Static Lullaby?Dead Poetic
Alexisonfire or Curl Up And Die?Alexisonfire
Skycamefalling or Poison The Well?Poison The Well
On Broken Wings or From A Second Story Window?From A Second Story Well
A Life Once Lost or From Autumn To Ashes?A Life Once Lost
7 Angels 7 Plagues or Bane?BANE
ShadowsFall or Hopesfall?Hopesfall
Most Precious Blood or Eighteen Visions?Most Precious Blood
Dillinger Escape Plan or Himsa?Dillinger Escape Plan
Unearth or Between The Buried And Me?Between The Buried and Me
Silverstein or The Agony Scene?The Agony Scene(OLD)
Avenged Sevenfold or Blood Has Been Shed?Blood Has Been Shed
Creation Is Crucifixion or Evergreen Terrace?Evergreen Terrace
Dead To Fall or Across Five Aprils?Across Five Aprils
Zao or Red Roses For A Blue Girl?Zao
Beloved or Comeback Kid?Comeback Kid
Shia Hulud or Burnt By The Sun?Shia Hulud
Matchbook Romance or My Chemical Romance?Matchbook Romance
Give Up The Ghost or Anatomy Of A Ghost?Give Up The Ghost
Funeral For A Friend or The Early November?Early November
Cursive or The Beautiful Mistake?Cursive
As Friends Rust or Bright Eyes?Bright Eyes
My Ruin or Jack Off Jill?Jack Off Jill...just because of the name
Ladytron or Le Tigre?Ladytron

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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11:12am 06/04/2005
mood: Still freakin sick!
So i just found out that Calico system is to be playing Backlash fest with Casey Jones, Kids Like Us, and Evergreen Terrace, along with my good buddies in flatline and william bonnie, I'm real excited cuz those bands make real happy AND i get in for free to that and i just thought i would let everyone know that doesn't already, that they need to come out June 11 for Backlash fest at Ridglea theater in Ft Worth.

and webmastering class still sucks.
01:12pm 06/03/2005
mood: exhausted
So last night was my birthday and I would like to say thank you to everyone of my friends who came out.....I really appreciate all that you guys do for me, your the best people on earth and last night was probably my best birthday ever.

So lets disect it shall we?

Wake up at 8 after maybe 3 hours do to me and KC being complete idiots and the monster i drank. And Sweeney comes to get us so we could "destroy North Texas"...and that we did.

We got to Pauline's house to visit her for a little bit, and within the approximate hour I am there, I trash her room, break her vacuum, spaz out on her keyboard, impail her with boxes, put her in a full nelson, and manage to punt a bag of potatoe chips which led to chips all her house in a circular perimter from the way i kicked it...and that is why led to me breaking her vaccuum if anyone was wondering. Oh, and Sweeney somehow broke her door i think....sorry Pauline, I love you if that counts for anything. :-(

We proceed from her house to Laura's where we think we are lost the entire time, but we manage to guess our entire way to her house from Plano to Southlake Carrol. There we watched Sweeney destroy at Super Mario Cart on Super Nintendo, then watch a little bit of Ancor Man.

WE then head to Chance's house, which is a 5 minute drive that took us about 15 because we we're too busy looking at the castles those people called Houses. We stayed at his home for a little bit where i got to see what they did to the Bonnie trailor..it's pure art in my book.

Then we went to 1919, which was just a blast, the night consisted of Dude Bro, me getting half naked and running across flatline during their set, birthday spankings from the lead singer of Verae, having almost every song dedicated to my by Siren's under various alias', and having "Happy Birthday" sung to me by everyone their and then having a cake smashed into my face by all the guys...it was real good fun.

And tonight I am going to go see Anterrabe and the men of William Bonnie, you should come out...it's bound to be a doozy.

Thank you all for comming out and I love you all.



P.S. I'm real sorry about your house Pauline
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10:28am 04/03/2005


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08:13pm 01/03/2005
mood: chipper
So my girlfriend and I broke up...but no one worry about anything, it was by far the best break up I've ever had, cuz we both new it was commming. And besides, we dated for less than 2 weeks, nothing to cry about in my book..and if you cry about something like that, I should beat you within an inch of your life. Yea, I know how i talked about liking her a whole lot too...but have you just ever wanted something terribly bad...and then when you get it, your like shiiiiit I hyped this beyond its potential. Well it's sorta like that, only Kryslan is still a really amazing girl.

In other news: everyone should come out both friday and saturday to see Flatline at Fat Daddy's Sound Shack in Lewisville on friday, and at 1919 Hemphill on saturday (WHICH HAPPENS TO MY BY 16TH BIRTHDAY BITCHES!!!)..yea everyone come out for both of those, and come say hello to me...because i am real sexy....and it's my birthday as I stated abo

Much Love,

Kyle "Yeah I'm Single Once Again" Holton
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11:14am 11/01/2005
mood: soo bro
Live journals are so bro.......
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Friends Time!!!   
08:12pm 13/12/2004
mood: calm
So yea, i decided to make this thing friends only finally...so if your not already on my friends list, comment on this and I'll add you.'


P.S. Come to the flatline show the 17th at the pit in denison.
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Brah? Show?   
05:44pm 12/12/2004
mood: retarded
everyone come out this next friday, December 17th, 2004, for the Flatline show with William Bonnie, Florence Mildred, and Enjoy The Fall...it's bound to be a doosy! oh and buy a shirt from me and any other merch they have cuz i will be doing their merch as i usually fail to do...and if you want to be put on the guest list go to Derek's latest post and comment on it and he'll probably add you.

and give me my cd's so closure can be reached (you know who you are of course)


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11:03am 08/12/2004
mood: bored
Everyone check out my cool LJ icon...that is what a semester of webmastering teaches you; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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